The Merging
Of Two Worlds

An Inland Northwest Company

Our Beginning


As we surveyed the cryptocurrency mining industry, it was apparent that existing blockchain hardware and data center solutions were not viable long term. It was clear that other blockchain hardware manufacturers were siloed in their thinking and approach, creating individual “miners” that did not fit into any sort of platform or logical progression over time - essentially disposable units, with no thought toward large-scale deployment or long term scalability. Mining operations were typically constructed in a “homemade” fashion using consumer components essentially “thrown together” without regard to quality, longevity, or safety. These tactics, which were utilized because of their low startup cost, combined with the lack of expertise from their operators, and in the industry as a whole, left a huge gap in the market – which KRAMBU set out to fill.

Problem Solving

To solve these issues, we set out to build our own equipment from the ground up. The five primary goals for this new hardware platform would be: high density, high performance, high efficiency, longevity, and extensibility. High density would allow us to fit more processing power, and by extension more mining profits into a given size building. Density is important because it effectively lowers the marginal cost of production, as well as helps maximize the output of any available space. High performance meant using state-of-the-art components for the fastest processing speed available. High efficiency meant that our platform would be more energy efficient, and in turn, more cost competitive long term. Longevity was about the overall quality of the product itself - machines built to last 10 years or more, as opposed to the “disposable” gear being pushed by the mining industry, which often had an operating life of less than 12 months. Finally, extensibility meant that as the industry evolved and new types of “processors” were released, our platform should be able to easily “swap out” the existing processing cards for the new ones, keeping the rest of the system intact, and allowing dramatic cost savings over the lifetime of a data center. This extensibility would also allow our platform to be put to use in additional computing markets such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Scientific Computing, Fintech, and Rendering.

Meet Our CEO

Travis Jank

Travis is a founding stockholder of KRAMBU. He has served as KRAMBU’s president since June 2018. Before becoming president, he served as KRAMBU’s Chief Technology Officer from its organization in August 2017. Before participating in KRAMBU’s incorporation, Mr. Jank founded and continues to serve as president of NEXGEN, which manufactures computer systems for the energy market. In 2007, Mr. Jank designed a computer system that set the world record in computer processor clock speed, and since then he has designed and built computers that have broken other performance world records. He has sold products and provided services to Intel, Microsoft, SIEMENS, NVIDIA, AMD, Asus, Swiftech, Micron and others. He frequently gives keynote speeches, chairs technology panels, and product launches. He has made guest appearances on Intel’s EXPERT MODE, RIGWARS as well as HGTV "VIP" (Seasons 4 through 7.) Mr. Jank also has worked with NVIDIA on numerous projects and been featured for his modding, overclocking and supercomputing builds. In 2009 he became aware of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and contributed to its rapid adoption by simplifying the process of generating and distributing digital currency into the economy. He built the world's fastest cryptocurrency mining systems and operated one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining farms from 2010-2012.

Venerated History