About Us

Creating accessible and transparent, performance-driven solutions for the high density computing industry.

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World Class Technical Competence

Our hardware expertise is derived from a long history of consulting and servicing the world’s leading hardware manufacturers. This includes top technology clients such as Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, AMD, Siemens, etc.

Our software expertise comes from building software solutions utilized by Fortune 100 companies such as Apple, Google, NASA, etc, and deploying software products to countless users worldwide.

The Pacific Northwest

KRAMBU is primarily located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. We located our company in the United States to provide the regulatory conditions that gives our customers assurance in our legitimacy and long-term stability. Our specific location was chosen for its cool climate to reduce cooling costs and it’s inexpensive hydroelectric power. Energy costs are one of the greatest expenses for large-scale computing operations. Providing competitive pricing for these services necessitates cheap and abundant energy. Access to hydroelectric electricity means KRAMBU is powered by a clean and sustainable energy source.