Consulting Services


Purpose-Built Data Centers

Our data centers are specifically designed, engineered, and thermally tested for high density GPU computing. Unlike conventional data centers, our buildings were engineered from the ground up for the unique thermal challenges of mitigating large heat loads produced by high density computing. Utilizing our proprietary architecture, we have pioneered new levels of computing density for the  colocation industry.


Enterprise Rack-Scale Architecture

Establishing the first rack scale architecture implementation of GPU computing, we utilize enterprise-grade computing configurations for our data centers. Rack scale modular architecture provides enhanced density and scalability by deploying an optimal computing configuration for power distribution and thermal mitigation.

Proprietary Integrations

Our proprietary hardware and power implementations–including designing universal chassis systems for GPUs, designing and manufacturing our own PDU –allow us to achieve the highest efficiency systems on the market.


Consulting Pricing

Our simple, all-inclusive pricing structure bundles everything needed for your consulting services to provide ease of billing and cost calculations.


Located in the cool Pacific Northwest, your footprint in our data centers provides you an ideal blockchain colocation space.


Our data centers are powered by consistent and reliable hydroelectric power, providing both competitive power rates and a green energy source.


Low latency fiber optic networks provide our data centers with high availability and bandwidth on a reliable backbone.

Remote Access

Remote server access keeps you connected to your equipment 24/7.


Our on-site technicians will provide necessary maintenance to ensure your servers maintain the highest possible uptime.

Security & Insurance

We protect your valuable equipment with strong security measures. Your colocated equipment is also insured for additional protection against physical risk.
*Volume discounts for large-scale customers and resellers. Contact sales for more details.

Full Service Solutions

In addition to offering the data center colocation services themselves, we also offer hardware that can be purchased for hosting in our facilities, or shipped directly to you, offering an end-to-end solution.