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Top Talent

With decades of technical expertise, members of the KRAMBU team have been involved in the blockchain space from the beginning. From running the largest Bitcoin mining operation in the world to building software solutions utilized by Fortune 100 companies, our team has a proven track record of technical proficiency. Our diversified team has backgrounds in real estate development, business development, complex software development, app development, server development, power infrastructure, thermodynamics, high performance computing, distributed computing, finance, creative problem solving, user experience, product management, agile development methods and more. This diverse skill set enables us to provide our customers quality services at scale.

Fundamental Technologies

With a diverse, yet focused areas of expertise, the KRAMBU TRIAD indicates the three core technologies KRAMBU develops in-house: blockchain data centers, blockchain hardware, and blockchain software. These fundamental technologies emphases enable us to provide an array of valuable products and services while also illuminating a unified blockchain mission.

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Continuous Innovation

In a new and rapidly changing market, continuous innovation is key to maintaining an advantage in a fiercely competitive market. Our intellectual property is pursued across a wide gamut including new hardware solutions, novel software implementations as well as broader market solutions for the industry. Additionally, KRAMBU has specific strategies to leverage our IP to increase company values and generate ongoing revenue. KRAMBU continues to create innovative products and processes building a robust patent portfolio.

Market Conditions

In it’s relatively short history, the blockchain market has experienced unparalleled growth. The market holds enormous future potential as additional industries adopt this transformational technology.

  • ICO investments have seen record breaking capital investment over the past two years growing from 96M in 2016 to >$9B in 2018.
  • The World Economic Forum estimates 10% of the Global GDP will be stored using blockchain technology by 2027 and $176 Billion business value-add of blockchain by 2025.
  • Cryptocurrency Market Cap has grown a hundred-fold from $4 billion in Feb 2015 to $450 Billion in Feb 2018.

our history


Travis sets the world-record for the fastest recorded CPU speed


Travis sets a new world-record for the fastest recorded CPU speed

Feb 2009

Travis again breaks the world-record for the fastest recorded CPU speed

Jun 2009

Launched and operated the world’s largest individually owned and operated Bitcoin mining farm

Mar 2010

Entered GPU mining

Aug 2011

Started mining IX coin


Started mining Litecoin

SEPT 2014

Gave the first ever TED Talk on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

NOV 2016

Started development of the Krambu Social Network for the cryptocurrency community

MAY 2017

Additional team members assembled

JUL 2017

Finalized proprietary hardware designs for maximum GPU mining efficiencies and profitability

OCT 2017

Launched KRAMBU enterprise mining & blockchain hosting services.

Nov 2017

Launched industry's first cryptocurrency mining app in the App Store and Google Play store

DEC 2017

Launched realtime Crypto News service

Jan 2018

CES 2018, Las Vegas NV - Launch of our new app, website, blockchain and supercomputing services

FEB 2018

Created the industry's highest density blockchain mining appliance

MAR 2018

Finalized design and began development of 250 MW blockchain computing facility

APR 2018

Patents filed and plans laid out for Blockchain Mining Marketplace

JUN 2018

Official release of KRAMBU Enterprise KRM Series Blockchain Hardware

Experience You Can Trust

In this 2014 TED Talk, our CTO shares his experience with the blockchain space going back to its earliest days.

With over 15 years of hands-on experience developing high performance computing systems for enterprise clients, we've developed products found in data centers for top Fortune 500 companies around the world. These include leading tech companies such as INTEL, NVIDIA, Microsoft, SIEMENS, and many more.